Hello, my name is Anginet (aka "The Hand") and I am the producer for the Prima Diva Puppets. I want to personally thank you for taking an interest in our company. It is because of people like you that our Diva's are able to share their personalities, life lessons and talents in totality. For this, we thank you.

Here at Prima Diva Puppets, we provide entertainment through speech, humor, song and unparalleled written word-vomit. We invite you to share in our antics by watching (and subscribing) to The Prima Diva Puppet Show on YouTube. We also invite you to keep up with The Prima Diva Puppet Press, which is our online newspaper. Here you will learn valuable human lessons from the Diva's. You will also become privy to the ins and outs of becoming a Prima Diva yourself.

Please visit our staff page to learn more about our Prima Diva's and how we work hand in glove.